Missions: Fred Jordan Missions, Los Angeles

Holly Wells shares her experience at Fred Jordan Missions, Los Angeles with Harvest Missions.

Fred Jordan Missions, Los Angeles

“Look for Jesus when you look into their eyes,” was a charge that penetrated my heart as Walter Contreras of Fred Jordan Missions sent our group out to invite the homeless community of Skid Row to lunch at the mission. Part of our team worked in the kitchen to prepare the meal as the rest of us combed the streets with invitations. For many of us, this was our first time to Skid Row. Pastor Greg’s sermons on how to bridge the gap between people kept coming to mind. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” he has told us. The Lord used this reminder to create a boldness and excitement in me to step out of my comfort zone to love Him by loving those I met on the streets that day. Each individual was special and precious — and is still — in the sight of the Lord and therefore, they were to me. There were opportunities to pray for several residents and over 80 joined us for chapel that afternoon. Our team had the pleasure of serving each person a hot meal with a smile, kind touch, and encouraging word. Although we may initially feel like awkward foreigners among the homeless community, it is greater to understand and interact with one another knowing God’s love transcends every obstacle, barrier, circumstance, hardship, conflict, etc. We are more alike than what we may perceive at first glance and the Lord, our Creator, unites us through Him. God is so good!!! (Matthew 25:40)