Medical Missions: Mission of Hope, Haiti

Holly Wells shares her experience in the Haiti with Harvest Medical Missions.

Medical Missions
Mission of Hope, Haiti

Last November, I had the amazing opportunity to join the Medical Missions team to serve with the Mission of Hope in Haiti through mobile medical clinics. This would be my second trip to Haiti, and I was excited to see a different part of the country and serve with a new family! It was a step of faith for me in many ways, especially since I was a non-medical team member. My place was not found in triage, the doctor’s consultation area, nutritional education, or the pharmacy. Instead, the Lord appointed me to serve as one of the ‘book ends’ of prayer. While the patients waited for a triage nurse, my translator and I had the opportunity to meet, talk with, and pray for each of them! Since prayer is one of our greatest privileges as Christians, I continually called out to the Lord asking the Holy Spirit to speak through me, to guide and direct each prayer, to pray scripture, to pray the gospel, and to pray in the powerful name of Jesus Christ — and that is exactly what happened! I have never experienced the Lord moving so mightily through prayer, and each day I was truly in awe. Every patient – whether believer or non-believer – accepted prayer, and if that wasn’t enough, a 21-year old woman prayed to receive Christ before going to triage! After the patients made their way through the clinic, their visit concluded at the second prayer station where a village pastor and small team shared the gospel message and prayed again for them. Over the course of 4 days, the mobile clinics visited two villages, and by the grace of God, over 600 patients we treated and approximately 25 made professions of faith! Praise God!!! (Romans 10:14-17)