“What Easter Means to You” – Screen Notes

The following notes will appear during the course of Pastor Greg’s Sunday morning message:

“What Easter Means to You”
Mark 16

Read: Mark 16:1–11

1. Easter is for those who have been devastated by death.

Mark 16:6

1 Corinthians 15:20–22

The resurrection of Jesus was the death of death!

1 John 3:2

Luke 24:39

2. Easter is for the person who has failed spiritually.
(Mark 16:6–7)

“But go, tell His disciples; and Peter.”
(Mark 16:7)

3. Easter is for the person who feels as though God has let them down.

Mark 16:12–13

Hebrews 10:24–25

1 John 3:14

God restores hope to our broken hearts by His Word.

Luke 24:32

Mark 16:14

4. Easter is for doubters!

Isaiah 1:18

Skepticism is looking for light; unbelief is content with darkness.

Mark 16:11

John 20:29

Jeremiah 33:3

Jesus died on that cross and rose from the dead for you!