Community Groups 2/23/14


In a world that lives in hostility to the gospel and rejects absolute truth The Power of Your Personal Testimony provides inarguable evidence for the power of the Gospel. This is what pastor Greg preached on this morning and provided practical advice and encouragement on how to effectively share your faith through your changed life. A personal testimony is your story of how you came to faith in Christ. Everyone’s story is different and uniquely powerful to show the intimacy of God’s ability to renew.

Discussion Questions:

1. Balance is the key to sharing your personal testimony. Some people emphasize their past (and even glorify it) and seem to make their new life in Christ less “cool.” Others talk more about their life now and neglect to tell where they have come since Christ. When you share your testimony, what elements do you tend to emphasize more? Perhaps this would be a good chance to share with others in your group your personal testimony for the purpose of finding balance.

2. Jesus is the main character of your story NOT YOU. When you share your story about when and how you came to faith the most important person to point to is Jesus. It is also important to make sure that your listener understands that Jesus is the most important person in your story. In your personal story, how do you make sure that Jesus is the main character?

3. The woman at the well in John 4 had a reputation that was not good. However, she was so impressed with the words that Jesus spoke to her that she ran into the town and told all about Jesus. How does this motivate you to share with others in spite of your past mistakes and poor reputation?

4. Conversions belong to God – but preaching the gospel has been delegated to us. For some reason God has called flawed people to share a perfect message. We preach because if we don’t who will and we leave the results up to God. How does this give you confidence in your ability to share the gospel? Sometimes you are planting seeds, other times you are watering seeds; regardless, it is God who causes results. What are the essential elements in sharing the gospel?

Prayer Requests:

Thanksgiving: What a great time to remember and thank God for you personal testimony. Pray that God will help you to protect your testimony to the onlooking world.

Supplication: Pray that God would use you at work, school, or neighborhood through your personal testimony of Christ’s work in your life.

**The following questions are used by Harvest Community Groups to facilitate discussion time in a small-group setting and to dig deeper into God’s Word. We encourage you to use them in your home or small group – or better yet, join one of our Community Groups! Information can be found at**