Community Groups 1/26/14


The Best is Yet to Come

Jesus was described as a friend of sinners. To the Pharisees, isolation was their tactic in avoiding people who are contrary to their faith. The Sadducees compromised by adopting friendships with only influential people. Jesus associated with only people who could benefit from Him. He was not aloof or isolated; he wouldn’t compromise or condone; however, he did seek opportunity to hang out with them. John 2 is the story of when Jesus came to a wedding in which he performed his first miracle – water into wine.

Group Discussion Questions:

1. Jesus’ first miracle met an immediate need. He blessed a newlywed couple by providing new wine from water. He did this to display his power. This is not uncharacteristic of John’s entire gospel. Does John give a reason for why he wrote his gospel? If so what is it? What else does this first miracle tell us about Jesus’ mission in the world?

2. There is God’s part to a miracle and there is always ours. Mary called them all to grab pots full of water and the people responded. Faith is believing and obeying Christ at His Word. Faith responds to God’s word not knowing what the outcome will be. What has God been telling you lately that you need to respond in faith to? Are there issues in your life that need to be put off as a step of faith?

3. It is hard to ignore the setting of Jesus’ first miracle being at a wedding. God is the creator and definer of marriage. It is hard to imagine how people outside of the church have a functioning marriage and even worse it is hard to imagine how Christians struggle in their marriage when they have God as their center and definer. If you are married, do you consider your marriage to have Christ as the center. do you seek to understand God’s definition for your role in the marriage?

4. Young People determine the evening of their lives by the morning of it. The decisions they make now will impact their future. If you are young, do you consider seriously the decisions you make now; career, school, ministry, relationships, recreation, health, etc..? Do you plan for the future as if Christ could return at any moment like the apostles and early Christians lived? If your “seasoned” in life, don’t neglect the opportunity to speak into a young person’s life. Are there any young people that come to mind that you could share with the group on how to approach them?

Prayer Requests:

Thanksgiving: Thank The Lord for the amazing gift of marriage. Thank The Lord that Jesus is intimate and considerate of the things that are important to us, like he was for this couple at the wedding in John 2.

Supplication: Pray for any needs that are within your group.

Intercession: Pray for others that you know are struggling in their faith or need to hear the gospel and respond in faith.

**The following questions are used by Harvest Community Groups to facilitate discussion time in a small-group setting and to dig deeper into God’s Word. We encourage you to use them in your home or small group – or better yet, join one of our Community Groups! Information can be found at**