Encouragement for Widows

Some people may think that we seek to dwell in our loss and in the deep guttural emotions of our grief. Do we grieve? Yes! But not as others grieve. We grieve with Jesus Christ, our Comforter, which also allows us to experience unspeakable joy!

We are widows.

We are chosen by God to walk a road that no one in their right minds would choose to walk! Yet the Lord, in His infinite wisdom and unfailing love, holds us, steadies us, and guides us on the path that leads to the ultimate fulfillment of His plan–bringing glory to Himself through our circumstances. The journey is long. It can be ugly at times too. But the Lord shows Himself to be faithful to His promise in Scripture that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. We experience loneliness, but we are never alone. Jesus is faithful to meet each one of us in the exact place we need Him, in the exact moment we need Him.

We are sisters.

The first night the Widows’ Ministry met in June 2012, we immediately bonded as a sisterhood. We finally had a place to call our own, a place where we “belonged.” No one can provide comfort for a widow like another widow. It is common for a widow to feel like an alien amongst her own kind. When a woman is widowed, she is suddenly single, and yet she still feels like a couple. She has many married friends but now feels like a “third wheel” when she spends time with them. And she has few, if any, single friends. Biblically, she is married to Jesus (Isaiah 54:5), yet she still feels betrothed to her earthly husband. She just feels as though she doesn’t fit.

We are His.

Jesus has knit us together as though we were born of the same family. We take care of one another, encouraging and challenging each other to stay the course. We provide fellowship for one another, share in each other’s sorrows, and celebrate our triumphs. One widow on her own may be weak, but many widows standing shoulder to shoulder are a fortress, strong and mighty . . . unshakable. To God be the glory!

Have you been called by the Lord to walk this path? If you are a widow, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and attend this beautiful ministry. The TLC Widows’ Ministry meets on the fourth Monday of every month and there are various other opportunities to fellowship throughout the year as well. The ministry meets in the Resource Center at the Riverside Campus at 7:00 P.M. where you will be welcomed with open arms and the love of the Lord.