Decision Follow-Up at Harvest Orange County

If you’ve been to Harvest Orange County, you may recognize a young, long-haired, blonde “surfer dude” who stands at the door to the Follow-Up Room holding up a Start! Bible. That’s Ryan McGinnis (and, yes, he does surf). Ryan serves as coordinator for the Decision Follow-Up Team at Harvest OC. We asked Ryan a few questions about the follow-up ministry:

Q. Why are you involved in decision follow-up?

A. “It really hit me how we’re commanded to disciple people. I remember when I first submitted my life to Christ how crucial it was to have someone who loves the Lord pouring into me and encouraging me. I love serving the Lord in any way I can, and I’m glad I get to serve through decision follow-up!”

Q. What do you see as you stand up and welcome those who have come to the back room?

A. “I get to see a miracle take place: people making decisions to follow Christ. What’s crazy about it is it’s really a transformation of your mind. That’s how I remember it being for me. The way I thought about things, the way I viewed sin, the way I saw grace, all of that was changed. So I get to see that transformation in people’s faces . . . the miracle of life-saving love and grace from our Creator penetrating the heart of His creation–What a rad blessing!”

Q. What about the ministry and those who serve with you?

A. “To see so many people excited to serve, so many people wanting to disciple, wanting to follow up on people, and for everybody to be on the same page back here–that’s always amazing to me. And it’s super encouraging to me that their hearts are in it.”

It’s incredible to see how God pairs those who have made a decision for Christ with just the right follow-up counselor–someone who can relate to them. God uses the counselors to point people to the truths of the Bible. There are often tears–usually tears of joy–but it’s wonderful to see how the Lord speaks through the follow-up counselors into the lives of new and recommitted believers. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and a true testament to how God is moving at Harvest Orange County.