The OC Community Table: A Wealth of Information

Looking for information? Well look no further. Whether you’re a new visitor to Harvest OC or have been coming for a while, you can find what you need at the OC Community Table.

You’ll encounter not only a warm smile, but a wealth of information and answers to questions ranging from “Where’s the bathroom?” to “How can I serve here at Harvest?” and from “Where do I take my child for Sunday school?” to “Can you explain eschatology, transubstantiation, and trichotomy versus dichotomy of man?” Okay, so that might be stretching it a bit.

At the Community Table, you’ll find information about the church, ministry and event flyers, and bookmarks. You’ll also find postcard invites, which are wonderful tools for asking friends and family to come check out what God’s got going on at Harvest OC. Men can pick up information about the Valor Bible study, and women can pick up lessons and information about Virtue. There’s information for the Junior High, High School, College and Career Ministries, and so much more.

“It’s a joy to help point visitors in the right direction and provide information about the many ministries the Lord has enabled at Harvest OC.”

So, if you have a question or need some information, don’t hesitate to stop by the Harvest OC Community Table in the church lobby. It’s available before and after the Thursday night and Sunday morning services.