Update from the Joplin Disaster Team

Welcome back to the hardworking Team Two of the Harvest Relief Corps.

Great ministry continued in the tornado-stricken city of Joplin, Missouri. As Team One was sent before them, Team Two helped bring the love of Jesus Christ to many of the hurting people. Each team had Crisis Response members included to ensure that compassionate and caring interaction was expressed by the entire team. They also have trained up many of the other volunteers that are working alongside them.

Besides continuing to distribute clothes and food items, the team was able to complete several clean-up projects. The 24-hour satellite ministry has been closed down, but there were a number of teams out in the disaster area on “Gator” ATVs supplied by the Salvation Army to bring cold water, Gatorade, and prayer to anyone they encountered. An interesting note: curfew and crackdown on looting has been reversed to encourage the salvaging of any usable items and to reduce the debris being hauled to the landfill.

The facilities at Calvary Chapel of Joplin were stretched to the limit; at one time last week there were over 100 volunteers at the operation. Fortunately, the shower trailer built by Team One performed well, the kitchen trailer from Committed Relief leaves this week, and the clothing/food distribution is winding down as the operation continues to move from relief to rebuilding.

Team Three has already been booked, but we are still taking sign ups for Teams Four and Five. These teams will be more construction oriented. Team Four will be leaving on August 22 and returning August 29. The cost is $695 per person. Team Five will be in September, but no dates have been set yet. If interested, please sign up in the Church Office.

Remember to keep the people of Joplin, the volunteers, and all of these operations in your prayers. A special thank you to those who have contributed financially, either to sponsor a team member or to offset the cost of the shower trailer that Harvest has built.

Isaiah 58:12 “Those from among you shall build the old waste places: you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

Harvest Relief Corps