Disaster Relief for Joplin

Harvest Disaster Relief Corps heads to Joplin, Missouri to help with Crisis.

Teams are presently being assembled to work alongside Samaritan’s Purse in helping victims of this latest American disaster. If you desire to become a Relief Team member, then contact Pastor Rick Schutte at Harvest for more information.

This was written in the JOPLIN GLOBE (Missouri), May 24, 2011.

“A monster of a tornado, at least a half a mile wide and over six miles in length, moved across the center of a Midwest city, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It’s us, not them. We have joined the ranks of major disaster areas worldwide. Many of us cannot even see the scenes on TV because we have no TV or our cable is down or the power is off. Loved ones around the world call and describe a bigger picture than we can see from our homes or offices. If, that is, we have a home or office left standing.

In less than 30 minutes late Sunday afternoon, 30 percent or more of our city was destroyed. A hospital was severely damaged.

Medical triage was quickly established, and health care personnel are treating the injured as if in a war zone. The governor has declared the storm to be the worst tornado in Missouri history.

It is now us, not them, holding the attention of the public across the country. And the country is responding quickly and fiercely with emergency aid pouring into Joplin, instead of leaving Joplin for New Orleans, Haiti or Alabama.”