Share a Christmas Memory

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Is it the smell of Mom’s homemade cookies filling the air—the lovely smile on her face as she let you sample one still warm from the oven? Is it watching Dad drag the oversized Christmas tree into the house that was always too tall for the living room? Or is it that road trip to Grandma’s house that at the time was challenging, but actually turned out to be your most favorite holiday memory? How about watching your gingerbread house, plastered with too many candies and too much icing, slowly topple over just as you placed the last sticky gumdrop? Crash! Followed by uncontrollable laughter.

Whatever it is, be it binging on holiday specials, belting out your favorite carols at church, bundling up to drive down Christmas Tree Lane, or getting that very special gift that you never thought your parents could afford—Christmas holds so many wonderful memories, and we would like for you to share yours here.

Let’s reminisce together as we keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts.

Thank you and Merry Christmas from Harvest Ministries!