A Message for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and all the good restaurants will be filled with reservations for every table. Florists will be busy filling and delivering orders. And hopefully every mother out there is going to receive the honor and love that she deserves. When you count up all the mothers, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers out there, most everyone will have someone to honor.

Having said that, if your plans don’t include taking her out for a meal in a fancy restaurant, buying her a bottle of her favorite perfume, or giving her an extravagant flower arrangement, that doesn’t mean you’ll have failed in honoring her the way she deserves.

I can tell you from a mother’s heart that what we really treasure is the unexpected phone call when it isn’t a special occasion, the sweet expression of a hug and kiss that delightfully interrupts an ordinary day, or the moment when a child, out of honest concern, asks, “Mom, what can I do for you? How can I help?”

It isn’t the size of the gift, the cost of the flowers, or the meal out that we treasure. It is those special tokens of love throughout the year that tell us that the hard work of our mothering and grandmothering is appreciated. My advice to those who want to honor their moms is to tell them on Mother’s Day, but don’t forget to tell them all year long!

I’m sure Greg, Jonathan, and my beautiful daughters-in-love will more than likely hand me a card with a thoughtful inscription and yes, we likely will eat a nice meal somewhere, but I am especially thankful to God that I know they love and honor me in the ways I value above all . . . and not one of those ways are for sale in a department store or on a card rack.

It isn’t Mother’s Day that matters most to us moms; it is what you say in a thousand different ways all year. And I am grateful to say I already know they love me, even if they happen to forget Sunday . . . only I know they won’t . . . At least they better not!