A Sign of Welcome

This is a sign . . . Just a sign . . .

Over the last month or so, we have had some young people holding signs in front of the entrance of the church to greet people as they come in.

Here’s the why behind the idea (it’s really simple): to put a smiling face and a friendly message in front of people coming in. The church is a great place to be from the moment we get there. Hopefully, this little action from the Welcome Team reminds us of that fact.

Here are some of the other things the Welcome Team is doing that you may not see.

  • The Welcome Team meets in the Prayer Chapel before each service to pray and be encouraged with a devotion from a pastor. (The first service meeting is at 7:10 if you ever want to come.) The goal of this meeting to remind ourselves that genuine love matters and that remembering people’s names matters and that we need to be ready to pray for the hurting, comfort the afflicted, and to rejoice with those who rejoice.
  • The Welcome Team has put on name tags and lanyards so they are easily identifiable as people willing and able to help.
  • The Welcome Team is encouraged to welcome people they sit near during the worship service and look for needs they can meet.
  • The Welcome Team recognizes that the work is bigger than all of us, and more help is needed. We want to honor the founding generation of faithful saints who have been serving for years (we can’t afford to lose one person) and to onboard as many new and younger saints as possible. There is room for everyone.

The signs are the tip of the iceberg of the bigger objective to . . . well . . . welcome people. Because it’s about knowing God, and that’s what we’re trying do best at Harvest.