Pastor Ron and Leah Case

Isaiah heard the Lord calling out, “Who will go for Us?” Attune to the voice of the Lord, he replied, “Here am I! Send me” (Isaiah 6:8 NKJV). The outcome of obedience is not always known as one hears God’s voice and takes faithful steps forward. Sometimes it’s years later, when one looks back and sees God divinely directing and preparing.

In 1983, around 60 people from Harvest heard the voice of the Lord and said yes to going across the country for two weeks to help with the A New Beginning radio rallies. They gathered together three weeks prior to the trip for Bible study, and there Pastor Ron and Leah met for the first time. Two people on the team desiring to serve the Lord—Leah worked in the bookstore and so on the trip she ran the book table, while Ron served with the ushers and was a part of the team that did street witnessing in each city.

The team traveled to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, giving the people who listened to Pastor Greg on the radio an opportunity to hear him live. They were small-version crusades held in hotel ballrooms. Pastor Greg would share the gospel, and when people came forward. those on the team did the follow-up counseling. Every person on the team played an integral part.

There were numerous people at each venue listening to the message, with many people coming forward. Leah will never forget standing in a hallway in Washington, DC counseling 13 people who had just made professions of faith.

Four years later, on March 14, 1987, Pastor Ron and Leah got married.

In 1990, Pastor Ron came on staff as the singles pastor and in 1992 he began working in crusades. Today, he balances his time in Riverside and Orange County; part of the week in Riverside working on crusades and at the Sunday evening service, and in OC Sunday mornings, Thursday nights, and with the V2 Couples’ ministry. He has a heart for the people in the church, directing and guiding them as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

The moment of invitation at the crusade is his favorite, watching the range of people coming forward, experiencing the emotion and reality of the people responding. The follow-up team is on the grass reaching out to all of those making professions of faith, praying with them. And once the crusade is over, the card-sorting room is abuzz with activity as the follow-up cards are distributed to the local churches getting the people connected with a church body.

There are so many details involved in a Harvest crusade; each crusade takes over a year of planning. The crusade staff is busy getting the churches in the area involved and people on board to get the Good News out to the masses. And yet, “even though we do crusades around the globe, the amount of Harvest people who serve is golden.”

It is a huge help having all of the volunteers from Harvest travel to the different locations, able to step into the arena knowing what to do because they have done it before. It’s a blessing to the church, as the Harvest community rallies around the vision to share the gospel with the lost.

For Leah, it started back in 1981, praying in a living room with five other women for their families and growing church. The women took a leap of faith and started a Saturday morning prayer brunch once a month. Women would come and bring a potluck dish. They would have a special guest speaker, but the whole goal was prayer—getting women together to pray. Within a year, the Lord expanded their vision to do something more.

They started small, the Lord gave the increase, and Virtue was born.

The Bible study grew over time, and Leah’s heart to serve did too. In 1994, when Cathe Laurie and Jan Vance asked her to teach and help start an inductive study, she said yes. It was a step of faith, outside her comfort zone, but the Lord prepared her for it. She recalls the Lord speaking to her heart, “When you are asked to serve, I want you to say yes.”

Faithful steps forward, serving the Lord in obedience, bring great blessing. We don’t see tomorrow, but the Lord does; hence, He burdens our hearts and calls us to obey today.