Can you believe that we are just about three weeks away from the first day of fall? Time is moving by rapidly, isn’t it? Kids are already heading back to school. Retail stores and coffee shops are stocking their shelves with all things pumpkin, and preseason football is in full swing—with fans everywhere sporting their favorite jerseys in hopes that their team will finally bring home that trophy!

Even if you don’t follow football, most of us know what a touchdown is—players working their way down the field with the sole purpose of getting that “pigskin” across their opponent’s goal line! They’re at the 30 . . . the 20 . . . the 10 . . . Touchdown! Complete with thunderous cheers and end-zone celebrations—victory dances, dabs, flips, and high fives!

When is the last time you scored a touchdown with your family, or with an unsaved friend, coworker, or neighbor?

You know—those little things in life that make you feel like you’ve won a small victory—a day trip to the mountains for apple cider, a spontaneous family night, or a carefully planned outing with friends. We all intend to make time to do these things, don’t we? However, many of us operate by rote each day: wake up, post to social media, kids to school, post, go to work, post, check someone’s status, post, anticipate the weekend, post, head to church on Sunday (or not), post, repeat.

Here at Harvest, “knowing God and making Him known,” is not just a catchy slogan, or just about having Sunday and midweek services, Bible studies, or hosting large-scale evangelistic events.

Harvest also provides many opportunities for you and your family to bond, and to get to know other Harvest families, couples, singles, and people of all ages, from all backgrounds. There’s always something for everyone! Camping, amusement parks, youth group fun, Children’s Ministry plays, overnighters, bowling, whitewater rafting, Harvest fests, a church-wide baptism, and our upcoming one-night movie event about Hollywood legend Steve McQueen!

These are just a few of the many opportunities we have to enjoy our families, to make new friends, and to let our unsaved friends and neighbors see Christians in a nonthreatening setting, having fun and enjoying life the way it’s truly meant to be lived!

You can find out about things to do in and around Harvest by visiting the Connect Tables, or by going online to,, or

It’s time to get off the sidelines! Get in the game, and score a touchdown or two for your family, friends, and neighbors, but most importantly, for the sake of the kingdom!