An Amazing Easter

We had an amazing Easter this year!

It was an all-time high in attendance for us of over 25,000! That’s including all our campuses—as well as our newest campus on the island of Maui. Hundreds came to Christ as well.

My message title was “A Second Chance for Easter.” As you may recall, the main points were:

#1 Easter is Personal.
#2 Easter is Practical.
#3 Easter is Powerful.

Jesus died and rose again for you. He did all of this to show His love for each of us. Remember, after Peter failed the Lord, the angelic message was, “Go tell the disciples and Peter!” Peter was singled out because he needed an encouraging word.

Speaking of that, I have an encouraging word for you all this coming Sunday at Harvest!
I am back in my World Changers series, which is going to be completed soon. I am also very happy to welcome a special musical guest. . . Matthew West.

Matthew is a very talented singer-songwriter that I became friends with when we went on a cruise together that he was hosting. If you have never heard Matthew, you will love him.

So, “World Changers,” I will see you this Sunday at Harvest!

Pastor Greg

P.S. Here is one of Matthew’s videos. Enjoy!