April Love Projects

Love Projects for April
Helping the Homeless

“If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord—and he will repay you.”
—Proverbs 19:17 NLT

This month we are offering ways you and your family can help those less fortunate and know when you do this, you are obeying and honoring the Lord!

Fred Jordan Outreach
April 15 – Meet at Harvest OC or Harvest Riverside at 7:00 AM, or be at the Fred Jordan Mission at 8:30 AM (445 Towne Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90013).

We will be evangelizing and serving meals to those at the Fred Jordan Mission. Go to signup.harvest.org if you and your family plan to attend.

For Hands-On Opportunities to Help the Less Fortunate in Our Community
Go to missions.harvest.org and see their calendar.

Build a Blessing Bag to give away or make a donation for pre-made blessing bags Sunday, April 23.

How to Make a Blessing Bag
You and your family can make up blessing bags and keep them in a pouch behind the driver’s seat and when you see someone in need or are approached in a parking lot, you can offer the blessing bag and say, “God bless you!”

Suggested Contents:

  • Ziploc bag (gallon size)
  • Bottled water
  • Canned meat or fish
  • Applesauce or fruit cup
  • Packaged crackers with peanut butter or cheese, or granola bar
  • Fruit roll-up or bite-size fruit snacks
  • Plastic silverware
  • Napkin
  • Salvation tract
  • Any other item you wish to include

You can build several at a time and replace them in the car seat pouch as they are used. This is a great opportunity for children and teens to see compassion and acts of kindness extended to those in need!
For more information for any of the April Love Projects, someone will be available at the Connect Table each Sunday.