Meet Kim Valdez!

Meet Children’s Ministry Office Manager Kim Valdez

Kim remembers being seven years old when she had her first taste of Christianity at Calvary Chapel Sioux Falls. Because her family moved around a lot, Kim says that she “never grew in that relationship” since they were not able to plug into a home church or community.

Attending Harvest since 1987, she recollects sitting in the balcony one Sunday by herself, pregnant, listening to Pastor Greg and thinking that she “was now responsible for someone” other than herself. She was determined to do it right. That night, Kim rededicated her life, determined to “first, live for Christ and second, make sure that my children did too.”

Kim started volunteering both at the school and in Children’s Ministry, and has been serving for 24 years. She has been on staff for 11 years.

It is evident that Kim loves her work here at Harvest. She jokingly asks, “Can there be three of me? I get the biggest joy when I get extra time to serve.” She readily admits that she “loves the kids most of all!”

Reflecting on her ministry, Kim wants you to “just imagine that some of these children leave Sunday school and go out into the world and teach others what we are teaching them—the simplistic teaching of a child can bring an adult to Jesus. Imagine the smile on the Lord’s face.”

So, how would Kim encourage you to get involved? “Be ready!” she says. “You will receive the best blessings in your life, no matter when and how they come.” Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”