Adopting Cody

By Chrissi Jackson

Since I was a young girl, I had a burden to adopt a child. My father talked many times about adopting but my parents never did. When Scott and I married we discussed adopting often. In 1999 we had a son, Ryan, and in 2002, our son Travis was born. We were filled with joy and were passionate about parenting these two boys and raising them to honor the Lord. However, there was still a burden on our hearts to have another child. We discussed adoption often, believing that God had put a calling on our heart. We began discussing and praying about the possibility and that God would show us His will in this area of our lives.

We had many questions and concerns. How would we afford it? How would this affect Ryan and Travis? Where would we adopt from? Would we adopt a boy or girl? We continued to pray and eventually saw many doors opened and questions answered.

Meanwhile, in Ethiopia, Africa, an adorable two-year-old boy was taken to an orphanage by his birth mother, who was no longer able to feed or take care of him. She had faced the ultimate decision: to watch her son starve, or to trust the adoption system in hopes that a family would come for her only child. We tell our Cody Abush regularly that his birth mom is a hero.

After much prayer, both personally and as a family, we decided to begin to research adoption agencies and how adoption works in many countries. After several months of praying and research, we settled on adopting a boy from Ethiopia, preferably over the age of two. The paperwork process lasted about ten months. There were days that seemed so trying, as we had a burden we wanted to see fulfilled. We knew we had a child waiting for us. We used this time to pray and read Scripture over our adopted son and all he would be going through. Tears were shed and many “I wonders” were talked about in our family. One day in September, our agency contacted us, telling us a precious two-year-old had just been brought to the agency. We were immediately e-mailed his photo and information. It was truly love at first sight.

In March of 2009, we were united with our son. Scott, his father, and my father traveled across an ocean to an unfamiliar country to help fulfill the walk of faith God had called us to many years before. We gave him the American name Cody and began tackling a new language, nutritional concerns, and trust issues that often accompany the adoption process. With the help of his new big brothers, Cody adjusted remarkably well.

In 2013, Cody asked Christ into his heart. He is now nine years old, in the fourth grade. He loves basketball, baseball, and hanging out with his family and his friends. He is thoughtful, helpful, and funny. He’s been with us for six and a half years now and we cannot imagine life without him.

Adoption for us was a wonderful journey of faith and it continues to be so. Asking God to lead us on the path that we had very little clear vision in caused us to grow stronger as a family and deeper in our relationship with Christ. We continue to ponder the goodness of God and how He created our little family. His plans are big. His plans are perfect. His plans are ones which we continue to stand in awe of each time we kiss our little ones goodnight and thank our heavenly Father for the gift of adoption that we’ve been given into His own family.