What’s My Role in the Family? – Part 1

It may seem obvious to some what our biblical roles are, but sometimes those lines get blurred and we as sinners fall short. So, what does the Bible say about our roles in the home? I will give the response in three parts.

When I was young, I was on several different soccer teams. One thing that was drilled in my head was that every player is important for the team. Each player in their position has a role they need to play. A goalie, for example, is just as important as the forward. If the goalie didn’t want to play his part and be a forward, then you would lose your last man of defense. The same is true in the home. Everyone plays a part and each role is important. If one person fails to do their part, the home suffers.

God created man and woman in His image (Genesis 1:27) which makes males and females equal in their position before the Lord. We are equals but we also see in the Bible how each one is to function differently. They complement one another.

The male figure in the home is called to be the leader (Ephesians 5:23). He is called to lead in three main areas.

Lead Spiritually:
This means he takes the lead on all things spiritual. He leads in corporate worship. He takes the responsibility for the family coming to church. This means not only making it a priority but also setting the pace, making sure everyone has the right motive and heart behind church.

He also takes the lead on family worship. Corporate worship is something that is required as we need to meet together (Hebrews 10:23–25). We are a body and a family in Christ so we come together frequently, but this does not take away from the intimate worship that needs to happen in the home with the family. The husband/father is called to lead his home in devotions and what it means to have a heart of worship.

He also takes the lead in personal worship. The best way of leading a family in worship is by example. Personally, we should have our time before the Lord. These private moments will help us lead publically.

Lead as a Husband:
Paul shares that a husband is called to lead and the way he leads is how Christ loves the church. In the same way, the husband is called to love his wife (Ephesians 5:25). This giving of himself and loving his wife is demonstrated by being gentle, protecting, viewing your wife as a sister in the Lord.

Lead as a Father:
Especially in these days, we not only need fathers who are present in the home but fathers who actively pursue their children in Christlike love. This is shown by how dads teach their children the greatness of God (Deuteronomy 6). Fathers teach their children the greatness of God by being in awe of Him and pointing his children to the awesomeness of God. This happens through every aspect of life. A father who leads his children takes advantage of the time he has and points them to the Lord.

We are called to lead and the example is shown by the leading of Jesus Christ in our lives.