Fun at the Creative Collective

Word among Harvest creatives is that the first-ever Harvest Creative Collective was an enjoyable success!

So how did this event come about? Realizing a need for designers, painters, photographers, and other creatives to gather together, host Mike Berger (Creative Director for Visual Communication at Harvest and CBU professor) says, “I really want to build up a community here.”

As it turns out, the event was advertised on Mike’s Facebook page, in the Harvest Community e-mail, and by a few flyers that were handed out. But, would anyone show up? At 6:30 P.M. that Monday, Mike was wondering that very thing. However, by 7:00 P.M., he was relieved when he saw “a wall of people” heading toward the cafe.

Although not widely advertised, this first-ever creative event saw approximately 81 in attendance, including both Christians and non-Christians, and many who have never visited Harvest before. As an added treat, Hanz Ives and his daughter Mary provided special music, with free pizza provided by Mike.

Attendees were also treated to a demonstration by a world-class photographer currently on the rise. What made this creative’s presentation so great is that he did not just present a series of photographs, but he provided a description of his process, encouraging creatives in their individual work to “be different.”

One attendee said, “It was exciting learning from someone so experienced in the world of design and photography. He taught us to be bold, to create our own style, and constantly research design inspiration—what he called sparks.” He also encouraged creatives to “expand their arsenal” from which they can pull when they are creating.

As an added bonus, this event also raised money for the Activate High School Ministry here at Harvest by selling silk-screened t-shirts as part of the event. What an exciting evening!

Did you miss this first event? The good news is that Mike already has plans for upcoming Creative Collective meetings, possibly hosted at the Harvest OC campus.

So keep an eye out for upcoming dates and locations. You won’t want to miss these happenings which are sure to bring out notable talents in diverse fields, making these events distinctive, informative, and enlightening, while building community among creatives!